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Venus Turner
Name: Venus Turner
Location: Houston, TX
Team Green Chapter:  Texas
Fav. Sport: Running, but I am a big fan of football.
Music: I like any music with a fast beat, my playlist has
Techno, Pop, Heavy Metal, Classic Rock, Salsa and some hip hop.
Reading: Born to Run, I have read the book twice. This is my third time reading it.
Watching: Right now Steelers game, but I love Shark Tank and Pit Bulls and Parolees.
Fav. Quote: "Life is running, with the volume up"
Athletic Accomplishments: several 1st places on age group on 5k, 10k and half marathons.
Athletic Goals: Qualify for Boston, run Ultra Caballo Blanco
Vegan Story: My dogs are the reason why I went vegetarian first
and 4 years later vegan. One day, while taking them for a walk, I realized that they are not different than a pig, or a cow. Different shape, perhaps, but they still have blood thorough their veins, feel,pain, and feel love...I went vegan after realizing that being vegetarian I was still contributing to the suffering of farm animals.
Instagram: @vegrunchica 
Twitter: @vegrunchica