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Team Green Ambassador
Troy Jonsson
Name: Troy Michael
Location: Reykjavik, Iceland
Fav. Sport: Tennis
Music: Hip Hop. R&B.
Reading: To Kill A Mockingbird. Black Misery. Uncle Tom's Cabin.
Watching: Oprah. Pittsburgh Steelers.
Fav. Quote: "I always knew I was destined for greatness." -Oprah Winfrey
Athletic Accomplishments: Tennis: 4 Year Collegiate Tennis Player, 2006-2009. Scottdale, PA Open Tennis: 2003 Singles Champion. 2005 Singles Champion. 2011 Mixed Doubles Champion. 2010 AMD Directors Cup Mixed Doubles Champion.
Crossfit: Rome Gay Village Gay Games World Champion.
Athletic Goals: Win the 2017 World OUT Games, and the 2018 Gay Games in Tennis, and Track (100 & 200 yard dash).. In short terms, I'll continue training to compete in Tennis Tournaments, and become well trained in Crossfit to hopefully compete in elite tournaments.
Vegan Story: As far as my Vegan Transformation, It's something I did overnight, which was said to be impossible by experts. I was not as fit as I wanted to be, and I couldn't control my bad eating habits. When eating meat, it seemed that I always over-ate, always felt sluggish, and was very unmotivated. So, I did some research on Veganism. It was something that I wanted to try out. Over a few weeks, I began to feel better. I began to read stories on the different reasons that people become Vegans, and they were very intriguing to me. After speaking with some Vegan Extremists, my love for animals grew stronger and stronger. Also, I am a competitive athlete, and was informed by fitness professionals that it would be too dangerous to be successful in Crossfit as a Vegan. When I hear someone say that something can't be done, I take it on, full force. With everything combined that I said, it was clearly obvious that Veganism was something
that I vowed to stick with for life, and I have no intentions on looking back. Why? I feel better. I look better. I'm a healthier person, all around.

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