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Team Green Ambassador
Name: Sam Lundry
Location: Iowa 
Team Green Chapter:  Iowa
Fav. Sport: Triathlon, Cycling, Swimming
Music: Electronic, Rock
Reading: Starch Solution by John McDougall
Watching: The Walking Dead
Fav. Quote: "No matter how slow you are going, you are always lapping everyone on the couch"
Athletic Accomplishments: Half Ironman finisher, sub-1:10 sprint triathlon, state champion swimmer, #2 ranked U.S. triathlete in AG. 
Athletic Goals: Ironman World Championships, professional triathlete
Vegan Story: Went vegan "cold turkey" in September of 2013 after watching Earthlings, and reading the China Study. Still going strong with no end in sight!
Instagram: @mermlundry 
Twitter: @mermlundry 

Sam "Merm" Lundry