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Team Green Ambassador
Raul Ramirez
Name: Raul Ramirez, L.Ac., PhD
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Team Green Chapter: L.A. / Orange County
Fav. Sport: Catch Wrestling, Kung Fu
Music you workout to: Uptempo music. Sometimes electronic, sometimes rock, sometimes Spanish rock, sometimes books on tape.
Reading: Usually medical, nutrition, and history texts.
Watching: In Search of Aliens
Athletic Accomplishments: 2 time US Sanda Kickboxing Champion, Undefeated International Catch Wrestler, 2nd place in the first USA Sumo Open
Athletic Goals: To continue getting better at Catch Wrestling. I want to help promote this great sport as a wrestler and coach.
Vegan Story: I just happened upon a copy of the China Study
back in 2005. I was always interested in health as I am a physician, this book filled in what was missing in my understanding of diet and nutrition.  I did more research on veganism, I liked what I read, so I switched. All the athletic benefits are great, I feel less soreness and I adapt quicker
to increases in workout intensity. 
Instagram:  @baliantaksu
Twitter:  @baliantaksu
Website: KungFuKulture.com & CatchWrestlingAlliance.com