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Team Green Ambassador
Phillip Henderson
Name: Phillip Henderson
Location: Austin, TX
Team Green Chapter:  Texas
Fav. Sport: Basketball, American Football
Reading: The China Study
Watching: Game of Thrones, Masterchef, Walking Dead
Athletic Accomplishments: Lost 160 pounds in 10 months.
Athletic Goals: Do Calisthenics, be a health/fit coach, reach optimal health.
Vegan Story: I weighed 350 before my change in lifestyle. I was lazy and majorly overweight all I did was eat, play video games, and sleep. I was being a bad role model for my kids at that time. My sister introduced me to veganism and I was like "ok I'll give it shot" Little did I know my life was going to be completely flipped around. So I decided to study it a little further so I researched many things on YouTube and Wiki Just to understand it a little more. As time went by changing my eating habits before I knew it in 10 month I lost 160 pounds. I'm still shocked to this day about the weight loss. Now my life is amazing. My kids are following what I do, I'm always outside doing something, and my mind feels clearer than what it was. My body feels amazing. Life is great I feel unstoppable. Veganism saved life and paved a better future for my two kids

Instagram:  @TheChocolateVegan
Twitter:  @ThaVeganNinja