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Jenniffer Schile
Name: Jenniffer schile
Location: Lauderhill, FL
Team Green Chapter: Florida
Fav. Sport: Swimming, Baseball
Music: Mastodon
Fav. Quote: "I don't like that man, maybe I should get to know him better." Lincoln
Athletic Acomplishments: Disney marathon 2004, districts in high school for swimming and broke the school record, Down and dirty mud run.
Vegan Story: Vegan Story: I began to get more informed on the inhumane way that factory farms treat the animals back in 2007 by an old friend whom was an animal and human rights activist. At first, personally, it was annoying to hear about all the time and I thought it was over the top, but now looking back, i couldn't be any more appreciative. It is one of the utmost important things anyone could have done for me. I honestly had no idea. It opened a whole new reality for me. I've always had great sympathy and compassion for all of God's creatures and have always cared for animals at home. I won't lie, him opening up my eyes didn't stop me right then and there. It was a struggle. I had cravings, guilt, sadness and confusion afterwards. I wanted to turn my back on what knowledge and information I had just gained. It was, understandably, a psychological /physical/ spiritual roller coaster from '07 pescatarian to '09 meat eater to '10 vegetarian to '11 meat eater to '12 pescatarian and (newly found cheese and wine addiction) to '13 vegetarian to '14 vegan. Fish and honey were the last things I gave up. I loved sushi. It was very difficult, until I truly started getting disgusted the less I ate it. Let's just say I weaned away from it as I became more and more informed and curious about their awareness to pain as well as it was a living thing I was eating, after all, I didn't eat any other animals at this point so it became very fishy and meat tasting. I could taste the flesh of this living creature and one day I said, "Forget it, I'm going vegan so I don't have to feel this way anymore. I don't want to worry if what I just ate suffered or had a good life for my 5 minutes of joy." And that same day, I gave all my just purchased wild Alaskan salmon to my roommate to eat, because I knew I wanted no part of it from that day on. I didn't want to have ANY animal in my system ever again, as long as there is an over abundance of food resources at my fingertips. We live in America where veggies and fruits are constantly being thrown away due to looking "ugly!" Needing animals for energy resource is a thing of the past and is not necessary but many would choose to differ and that is ok, too. Veganism was not at first a personal decision, it was a sacrifice and was solely for the animals. It became a personal decision after my taste buds changed and refused the taste of flesh any longer. Killing is killing and I want no part of it. Once I felt this way, I started seeing animals in general and all wildlife in a new light. I started seeing all animals being equal. Something I thought that I would never be able to do, so much so that I didn't even make that a goal to shoot for in this journey towards veganism. I just wanted to "try" not eating meat and see how it goes. Going back one year, I got baptized at Miami Springs Seventh Day Adventist Church in 2013 and met an amazing evangelist at the time that was in the church and was vegan and learned that I wasn't the only one that didn't think it was right to kill animals for food. I felt at home at this church and agreed with most all of their beliefs. One very important belief being, "Thall shall not kill." And how in the Garden of Eden, before sin fell, God intended animals and humans to not eat meat in the beginning (Gen 1:29-31). After being baptized, I drew closer to wanting no part at all in the suffering of any living thing. It was a done deal. Not only is it inhumane but it is also not what God intended. Most of that denomination is health conscience, vegetarian or vegan, so I must say, they were a huge support system for me and never once did they force or pressure me, but only informed me to allow me to make my own personal decision. They are the most loving and welcoming church I have ever stepped foot into. They have vegan potlucks every month where I learned that there is such a thing as meat substitutes, who would have thought?! No religion is perfect and neither is any denomination and I am not close to a church fanatic...That's not what this is about. I was told to tell MY STORY so that is what I am doing. My first friend in '07 to introduce all of this to me was and still is an Atheist, just to ensure you that my story is most certainly not promoting religion, but rather, the value of life, morality and ethics. It just so happened, the church was my support team, at the time. Which blew my mind, because I had no idea there was even a Christian denomination that believed what I believed when it came to such topics all while they were providing tons of scripture to back it up. Enough said, It's been quite an adventure and here I am! There's so much more to the story but you get the gist of it.
Instagram: @RawVeganuv
Team Green Ambassador