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Team Green Ambassador
Jennifer Patrishkoff
Name: Jennifer Patrishkoff
Location: San Diego, CA
Team Green Chapter: San Diego, CA
Fav. Sport: Running
Music: Classic Rock, Electronic, Reggae
Reading: Nutrition labels
Watching: Documentaries
Fav. Quote: "Aspire to inspire before you expire." Eugene Bell Jr.
Athletic Accomplishments: 2 Marathons and 1 Triathlon
Athletic Goals: I want to cycle across the country like my father did and become a vegan chef and health coach!
Vegan Story: Misdiagnosed with Celiac disease in 2011, I cut out gluten from my diet and became consciously aware of what I was putting on and into my body. I started educating myself with books and documentaries and finally awoke to the harsh truth society has brainwashed us from discovering. I then immediately cut out meat & dairy and healed my digestive issues as well as depression. Living in Michigan my entire life, I never met another vegan until I started educating others and hosting potlucks, but this wasn't enough. I wanted to surround myself in a vegan community and thrive. I decided to pack everything I owned into my car and drove over 2,000 miles west to sunny Southern California, a.k.a. Vegan Paradise! It's been one year living here and I am living a high raw vegan lifestyle and never been happier!
Instagram: @rawveganginger
Twitter: @rawveganginger​