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Team Green Ambassador
Francesca Gonzalez
Name: Francesca Gonzalez
Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Team Green Chapter:   Florida
Fav. Sport: Ice Hockey
Music: Kaskade(House/Trance Genre)
Reading: Science and the Akashic Field
Watching: The Cosmos
Fav. Quote: “Happy are they that dream dreams and are willing to pay the price to make them come true.” -Leon J. Suenens
Athletic Accomplishments: Ran multiple 5Ks in the community to fundraise for special needs groups and charities.
Athletic Goals: To complete a triathlon and compete as a natural bodybuilder in the bikini division
Instagram: @rozpedil
Vegan Story:  I always loved meat and made many specialties with it. I always said i could never become vegan because I love chicken wings and ribs too much too stop. However, I became vegan after reading the book, 'Why we love dogs, eat pigs and wear cows,' by Dr. Melanie Joy. I read the book after hearing her presentation and meeting her at Vegfest Orlando. The book really resonated with me and for the first time I connected and understood. I became vegan overnight, literally. I saw her presentation that day, read the book that night and woke up with a passion I had not had before. My veganism is beyond a diet, it is a lifestyle that encompasses making choices that are globally minded and conscious. I am not able to change my world if I am not willing to first change myself. So with every dollar I spend, every bite I take, every drink I drink, everything I put on my body or use in my life is a choice.

Twitter: @rozpedil
Website: Click Here