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Team Green Ambassador
Dennis "Profound Primate" Martinez
Name: Dennis Martinez
Location: New York City
Team Green Chapter: New York
Fav. Sport: Its at Tie between Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai
Athletic Accomplishments: Winning my first MMA Fight was a Big one for me.
Music: I dont listen to music a lot i like podcasts i listen to Rich Roll Joe Rogan and The Fighter and The Kid regularly as well as a few others.
Reading: I am Currently reading The Man Who Cycled the World by Mark Beaumont and Live As A Man, Die As A Man, Become a Man by Enson Inoue
Vegan Story: I started my Adult Life at 15/16years old weighing 380lbs. and got as high as 430lbs. the day i walked into the Army recruiting station and they dropped the ultimate challenge on me by saying i have the mind for the military but i was too fat. Yes those were the words that changed my life i accepted the challenge and lost the weight joined the military. Once i left the service i started fighting Mixed Martial Arts. I met my best friend Milton a 10+year vegetarian while working at a high end gym in NYC. It was
him being a Vegetarian and him being the only person who could keep up with my workouts that made me ask a ton of questions and read up as much as i can on eating this way. I took everything i learned and applied it to my life in every way, i am a Vegan now for 6 years and compete in Mixed Martial Arts, Jiu Jitsu and Cycling with Hopes of doing a few Triathlons in the future. I also do Yoga and Natural Movement Based training as a way to keep my body loose and fluid.
Website: ProfoundPrimate.com & Primatejiujitsu.com